The art of syntablism

by Kypski

Synthesizer + Turntablism = 'Syntablism' – because of this new and distinctive way of performing, Kypski has reinvented his art and the turntable as his instrument. His mission is to perfect the technique and introduce this unique musical style to a broader audience. Live sets are improvisational electronic beat excursions, with sounds and music created in the moment – literally 'from scratch'.

Genre: Electronica & Experimental

Level: Advanced

What you’ll learn

The basics of Syntablism — the art of using a turntable and mixer (or Eurorack Fader Module) to create and/or manipulate sound with your modular synthesizer.


– What is syntablism?

– 'Pitch’ scratching versus other parameters and sampling versus synthesis

– How it works exactly

– Demonstration of live syntablism music


Six-time Dutch DJ champion and scratching virtuoso Kypski has been a seminal figure in the Dutch DJ and scratch scene for over 25 years. Most well-known for his role in C-Mon & Kypski, the drummer, producer and scratch champ has made his mark on the course of Dutch dance history and is constantly exploring new ways of bringing turntablism and production closer together.



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